I was so disappointed by this book, having loved Hazzard’s The Great Fire. I persevered, getting to p235 before finally losing the will to live. I think the basic issue was that the characters didn’t enthral me, I didn’t care what happened to them. The sisters Caro and Grace are said to be Australian but I didn’t get a sense of any nationality from them, it was as if they were nation-less. I persevered with the book as long as I did in the expectation that I would eventually love it. I am sorry I didn’t. It felt overwritten with descriptions which didn’t move the story along, it’s not that the descriptive passages were too long just that there were too many of them. And some sentences I had to re-read to get the meaning, which is never a good sign.
shirley hazzard - the transit of venus 30-4-13

‘The Transit of Venus’ by Shirley Hazzard

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